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Feb 27, 2020

Great to have affinity groups but how do we include and involve everyone in these discussions.   this was one of the reasons by Brian came up with Confessions of a working father as typically individuals thing about motherhood, maternity leave and the desire for part-time working but parenting affects a lot of men as well.   Men feel less inclined to talk about their concerns but their mental health is just as important and has been neglected and needs a real focus.  Brian highlights that men’s suicide rates are higher than women's.    Brian believes that if we can ignite the conversation and get it out of the ‘women’s network groups or LGBT groups and enable everyone to feel like they belong.    Brian also believes that Diversity and Inclusion should not be divisive and we should open the dialogue up around the concerns which people have otherwise we are unlikely to move forward.   Brian highlights the importance of including Diversity on the mainstream events showing that we are all in this together is where we will start to show progress.    Let's work on it together  

[Amazon] are doing work on Unpacking masculinity